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Tiny OS: XP and Windows 7 Lite Tools include

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Tiny OS: XP and Windows 7 Lite Tools include/ISO/ENG
Tiny OS: XP and Windows 7 Lite Tools include/ISO/ENG | 1.4 GB

Tiny OS includes two Windows OS hacks created by eXperience designed to minimize your OS's processing space, a version of Windows XP and Windows 7. They are designed to run faster by removing unnecessary features that take up your processing power and RAM. They are still full functioning versions so you can still install programs, access the internet, play music and movies, burn CDs and anything else you'd normally do, just much, much faster. This is a nice option for people who can't afford hardware upgrades or are just looking for a little more speed.

Free Software Download Author 05 May, 2011

Source: http://lord-dhu.blogspot.com/2011/05/tiny-os-xp-and-windows-7-lite-tools.html
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