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MeeGo v.1.1.0 for Netbook

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MeeGo v.1.1.0 for Netbook | 828.59 MB

It is the union of Moblin, Intel, with Maemo, Nokia, two well-known open source mobile operating systems based on both the Linux kernel. The merger of these two projects comes Meego, a platform addressed a wide variety of mobile and embedded devices, including smartphones, MID, tablets, netbooks, televisions and car infotainment systems.

MeeGo v1.0 can be downloaded in two versions, one with and one with Chromium browser Chrome, the difference being that in the first case, we must accept the EULA Google. What is now called Netbook MeeGo User Experience and the operating system born from the collaboration of these two great systems, which have combined their projects in one solution. The first final release continues and improves some of the features and most of the graphical Moblin Linux. It 'an operating system created for machines constantly connected to the network, a little' how will the next Google Chrome OS. The next release, v1.1, and in October with useful support for touchscreens on smartphones and tablets. To underline the fact that it is not official yet been ported to ARM processor-based systems. Also granted the public APIs that include Qt 4.6 (all the news here) that I have not tried it yet, but surely you'll see in coming days. The applications running on MeeGo are developed using the well-known application development framework Qt, software inherited from Nokia in 2008 following the acquisition of Trolltech. Qt toolkit and one of the most mature open source development and have been chosen both for its already widespread - Nokia 5000 is about more than business users - both for cross-platform support, allowing developers to run the same code on more architectures and OS, including Symbian and Win Mobile .... So where do we start, the interface is very simple and fast and the system as a whole, are still not convinced on this interface organized tab placed at the top of the screen. These tabs are: MyZone, Zones, Applications, Status, People, Internet, Media, Devices, Bluetooth, Network, and Time and can be managed in other settings by entering two disabled by default.

I conclude by saying that surely deserves a try, so what are you waiting for?

How to install

MeeGo to install and to create a bootable USB stick. To do so follow the instructions below depending on the operating system installed on your PC.

Before proceeding, make sure that the pendrive is not mounted. Some distributions automatically mount the pendrive as soon as they entered, they can cause errors in the writing.

From the terminal type:

# Umount

To proceed, Image Writer (requires Python> = 2.4)
Image Driver is a small python script that detects pendrive and writes the image inside. The advantage of using the Image Writer, and it will not be accidentally overwritten from the hard disk.

# Cd
# Chmod a + x. / Image-writer
#. / Image-writer

Mac OS X
Before proceeding, make sure that the pendrive is not mounted. OS X automatically mounts pendrive as soon as they are inserted. This can cause errors in the writing. You can press the eject icon, or drag the icon of USB in the trash.

1. Open the Terminal (Application -> Utilities -> Terminal)
2. Start

diskutil list

To get the list of USB device
3. Insert the pendrive
4. Start

diskutil list

again and determine the location assigned to your pendrive (for example / dev/disk2)
5. Start

diskutil unmountDisk / dev / diskn

(Replace N with the nuemero disk obtained from the last command in the example above, N would be 2)
6. Start

sudo dd if = / path / to / downloaded.img of = / dev / bs = 1m diskn

(Replace / path / to / downloaded.img with the location where you downloaded the image. You will be prompted for your password)
7. Start

diskutil eject / dev / diskn

(Where n is the number found above) and remove the pendrive when it has finished executing the command.

This is the easiest way to insert the image of MeeGo in pendrive.

To proceed, the program included in Win32DiskImager.exe Rella.

Extract the zip file in any folder.
Start Win32DiskImager.exe
Select the image of MeeGo
Select the letter corresponds to your pendrive
Click Write and start copying

Finally insert the pendrive in which you want to install on netbooks MeeGo.

Minimum Requirements

MeeGo to install and requires a Netbook with Intel Atom CPU. In particular, and I tested on was:
- Asus EeePC 901, 1000H, 1005HA, 1008HA, 1005PE EeePC, Eee Top ET1602
- Mini10v Dell Inspiron Mini 1012
- Acer Aspire One D250, AO532-21S, Revo GN40, Aspire 5740-6025
- Lenovo S10
- MSI U130, AE1900
- HP mini 210-1044
- Toshiba NB302

Name: MeeGo
Version: 1.1
Browser: Chromium




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